Inspiring Creativity

Infinity Style produces valuable design and marketing tools for its clients by utilizing the unique talents of its team members.
We specialize in graphic design, brand marketing, WEB design and management, 3DComputer Graphics, illustration, videography, music and system development.

By drawing on the creative strength of our team members, Infinity Style aims to create ideas that impact our clients on an emotional level.


Our strength lies in our ability to provide a full range of design services, including web, graphic, and editorial.
In addition, we offer high-quality planning for all of our services, and provide one-stop services for planning, production, and management.
We offer the best possible output to achieve the greatest possible effect for all of our clients' issues.

  • WEB

    We handle a wide variety of web production, from corporate websites, landing pages, to shopping sites.
    We offer not only designs that match the times and needs, but also more effective and scalable websites designed with search influx and user perspective in mind.


    We handle all types of graphic design, from posters, flyers, and other paper media to logos and signage.
    In addition to maximizing the role and characteristics of each type of media, we pursue designs that move the hearts of the target audience and produce results.


    Our business focuses on consulting for system development and construction using cloud hosting services, IT infrastructure system development, network communication design to operation and maintenance, and IT service improvement.


    We pursue the most effective direction and expression for each application, including promotional movies, branding movies, and video advertisements.
    We actively incorporate the latest technology, such as drones and 360-degree cameras, to open up new possibilities in video expression.


    Attractive music is essential to enhance the perfection of your video.
    We are a one-stop shop for both video and music planning and production with our own staff.
    We maximize the effect of the video and create music that resonates with the target audience in a smooth and precise manner.

  • CG

    We create cutting-edge 3DCG to make objects, abstract concepts, and imaginary worlds that cannot be captured with a camera "visible".
    We are particular about texture and reality, and solve various problems with free expression that also incorporates VR and animation.


    We handle a wide range of illustration work, from theme illustrations to character illustrations, small dots, and icons.
    We can flexibly use different touches and tones to create high quality original illustrations according to your planning intentions and world view.


    In the production of catalogs and pamphlets, I organize information to ensure smooth project progress.
    I am confident in my ability to develop pages logically, present information in a way that has impact, and write copy that brings out the appeal of services and products.


Company Name
    2B, Eal Hommachi Bld., 1-9-13, Itachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka, 550-0012, Japan
    TEL:06-6532-6788 TEL:+81 6 6532 6788
    A104, The 8MI Villa Daita, 2-2-18, Daita, Setagaya-ku Tokyo, 155-0033, Japan
    TEL:03-6453-1901 TEL:+81 3 6453 1901
Yohei KUME
Number of Employees
30 people(As of May 2021)
January 31, 2011
Planning, editing, production and management of website
Planning, editing, production of paper media
Production of 3D computer graphics (3DCG) · plane illustration
Video Editing
Planning and producing music
Design, construction, maintenance and operation of system infrastructure
Design, development, and maintenance of business systems
IT Services Management
Maintenance and operation outsourcing


We believe that all materials in the world are designed, and we work to visually express the impressions received from the five senses.
We believe that hearing, organizing information, language, etiquette, and even the flow of work are part of design.
Our mission is to think about the possibilities of design, to hone our imaginative sensibilities, to enjoy the process of creation, and to contribute to the development of society through design.


    2B, Eal Hommachi Bld., 1-9-13, Itachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka, 550-0012, Japan10 min. walk from Subway Yotsubashi Line, Chuo Line, Midosuji Line "Honmachi Station" NO.23 Exit.
    A104, The 8MI Villa Daita, 2-2-18, Daita, Setagaya-ku Tokyo, 155-0033, Japan10 min. walk from Keio Inokashira Line "Shimokitazawa Station" South Exit;
    7 min. walk from Odakyu Odawara Line "Setagaya Daita station" South Exit.


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